Since the beginning of the year, the RCL team have been thinking of ways of improving our school.

We came up with the following:

  • Donating funds to CHOC house
  • Donating funds to Mr Mohlatsi
  • Introducing the BHS cap
  • Introducing health rolls at the Charity Tuckshop
  • Implementing the Thrash collection project
  • Initiating a Culture day
  • Initiating new items to the school uniform – school golf shirt

The RCL works hand-in-hand with Interact with on –going projects such as:

  • Donating R1200 worth of groceries to a women’s shelter every month.
  • Support 2 of our Grade 12 learners with toiletries every month.
  • Helping our hungry learners with food every day
  • Supply hygienic products to girls who need it.
  • Buying food for a guide dog of a blind person every month.
  • Attending Klipkerk’s Soup kitchen every Thursday and taking a pot of Soup and 5 loafs of bread.
  • Attending Elrichpark’ soup kitchen, we also donate 100 packs of sweets every time we visit.
  • Planning to go Mooihawe old age home.