Welcome to Brebner high School

Brebner High School has been serving the Bloemfontein Community since 1906.

Our School has always been an alternative choice for English-speaking scholars in Bloemfontein, irrespective of their culture, religion or political affiliations.

Our School has also given some scholars, who were not academically strong, the opportunity to achieve their goals and many scholars, who are now all over the world, would not have achieved what they have today if it were not for the progressive and “open heart” approach of our school.

Our School, in the same progressive spirit, is now open to all scholars of any culture, race, political affiliations and who want to be educated through the medium of English.

We would thus expect all Brebnerians who could “reap the fruits” of the Brebner Education to be thankful for their time spent here and continue to support the values and ethos of our School while we continue to meet the challenges of the modern era.

Thank you.

Dear Brebnerian

My health is your responsibility & Your health is my responsibility! Not hugging & not sharing is the new caring.



 Please remember:

Please do not become complacent about wearing your mask and keeping a safe social distance from one another.

    1. You must wear a mask AT ALL TIMES.

    2. Remember social distancing AT ALL TIMES.

    3. Remember sanitizing of hands before entering a bus,while entering a classroom and when using toilets.

    4. Remember sharing of books, stationery and food is NOT ALLOWED.

    5. Learners will not be allowed to leave school grounds during the day.

    6. Again check Covid form sent to you.

    7. Temperature scanning must be done and any learner violating this, will be sent home.

    8. There will be zero tolerance for learner not following all the instructions already communicated.

    9. We again request no parents on school property                             

All members of the BREBNER HIGH COMMUNITY  are required  to carefully study the Re-opening Protocol of our school. Download the document below. The Protocol will be in place for 2021 until further notice.

Brebner High School Protocol Reopening



Reopening of  school 2021

​Dear parents/guardians,

Online WhatsApp teaching will start 3 February 2021, participation in  these online academic groups is crucial as online tests will be conducted & count towards term marks. Provision will be made for the learners who don’t have textbooks yet.  Parents must ensure that learners have sufficient data for online teaching and online tests.

A rotational school attendance timetable has been drawn up to ensure all Brebnerians health whilst ensuring maximum teaching time, provision for exchanging textbooks as well as subject changes. Due to the latest regulations communicated by 17 February 2021 by DBE (as per MG circular 1) we had to re-adjust the rotational school attendance to following:

School Hours – 8:00 to 14:00

Office administrational hours – 8:00 to 14:00

GRADE 12 & 11 will attend school every day 

GRADE 8 will be divided into TWO GROUPS – GRADE 8(1) & GRADE 8(2) {learner classes and groups will be communicated on Whatsapp groups.}


Matric class 2021 – Spring School

Starting Saturday 2 October 2021

When a Chapter of your life book is complete, your spirit knows it’s time to turn a page so a new chapter can begin. Even when you’re nor ready, your spirit knows you are.

At the Matric Welcoming ceremony first of its kind the Principal, Mrs Roberson also delivered a message of doing and not just dreaming.
It is time to put in the finishing touches to your academic success. In the end don’t regret just dreaming. If you want to get the same results continue thinking the way you’ve always thought, if you want better results your thinking can’t remain the same.
Don’t stop when you’re tired…
Stop when your done! – Wesley Snipes 

Applications 2022

Submission for application closed 

Please visit our Academics Page to learn about E-learning and Online tests  at Brebner High .


The vision of Brebner High School is to ensure all learners receive a quality education so that they may optimally develop their talents.

The mission of Brebner High School is to:

Ensure that qualified & professional educators will be developed

Maintaining the highest possible education standard with bridging courses or accelerated courses, when needed.

Ensuring an effective, cost efficient and educationally accountable school management at all times.

Involving parents in all aspects of the school.

Utilizing and developing an enthusiastic, participative and supportive learner body.

Maintaining a healthy balance between individual and group rights.

Creating a well balanced cultural and sports programme.

Maintaining norms and standards that ensure religious freedom at all times, while adhering to the school code of conduct.