The Brebner Nelson Mandela Outreach club

This club is a society of Brebnarians that are committed to serving the community, putting their needs first – A TRUE HEART OF A BREBNARIAN.

Interact generates money in selling food at reasonable prices at a charity tuckshop. This also helps those learners who are unable to afford food sold at the main Brebner Tuck shop.  WE ARE A SCHOOL WITH A BIG HEART.

Donations such as clothes, canned foods and toiletries are donated by volunteers from Brebner – ONE HAND REACHES THOUSANDS OF NEEDY HEARTS.

We also donate to shelters regularly in order to for to sustain themselves. Civvies day earning were donated to Choc house. Members of Interact go to the soup kitchen at Towers of Hope twice weekly to assist in feeding the homeless and impoverish.

We contribute in a variety of ways to assist our community.