For Parents

Applications 2025 are open

Dear Parents/  Guardians

We would like to thank all prospective parents/guardians for considering becoming part of the Brebner Family.

However please note applying is not the same as placement, this decision lies with the Applications committee.

Applications close on the 31 August 2024 – late applications will not be considered.

As school, we wish only the best for each child’s future! We are saddened every year to have turn away learners due to limited capacity of our school facilities in addition to the lack of enough English Home Language schools in Bloemfontein.

God bless

Brebner Greetings

Application 2025 documents

Brochure – Application 2025

Admissions Policy

Application 2025

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Hostel Policy and Concolidated Guidelines

BHS Cyber Safety Policy

BHS Code of Conduct Learners 2023


Any Queries on the adjusted fees, dress code or code of conduct, kindly contact the office.