Subjects offered at Brebner:

FET – Phase:

English Home Language

Sesotho First Additional or Afrikaans First Additional Language

Mathematics or Mathmatical Literacy

Accounting or Consumers Studies or Geography

Physical Science or Business Studies

Life Sciences or Economics or Consumers Studies

Life Orientation

Computer Application Technology (phased in for Gr11 & 10 in 2021)

Subjects offered at Brebner:

GET – Phase:

English Home Language

Sesotho First Additional or Afrikaans First Additional Language


Economic Management Sciences

Natural Sciences

Human and Social Sciences

Arts and Culture


Life Orientation

End of Year Academic Results 2020

Even through this Covid period with all its disruptions and uncertainties, we are Proud to announce the following internal pass rates

  • Grade 11 – 98,84%
  • Grade 10 – 94,58%
  • Grade 9 – 100%
  • Grade 8 – 98,61%

We realise there will be a lot of catching up to do in all grades in 2021, but we have the greatest confidence in our staff, learners and parents to achieve this.

God Bless and Keep Safe.


Matric Class of 2020 Results

We are happy to announce the Matric results of the class of 2020.

BHS has achieved an 87% pass, which is a 4% improvement from the previous year. In addition the Bachelor’s pass rate has increased to 56%, which is a 20% improvement from the previous year.

These are amazing results to obtain during a pandemic. Well done to every matriculant who contributed to these results with their hard work, dedication and perseverance.

We would also like to thank our staff for their unwavering commitment and support to the learners throughout 2020. The management team is proud of all of you and beyond thankful to kick off 2021 on such a positive note.

We would like to acknowledge the following learners for outstanding achievements in the 2020 NCS Examination.

Orebotswe Thole was in Top 10 matriculants in the Free State with 98% Accounting and 5 Distinctions.

4 Distinctions:

Kamohelo Kolanchu,  Basetsana Mokhuane,  Zizipho Momoza

3 Distinctions:

Kananelo Letanta,  Dineo Mahoko,  Refiloe Mokhali,  Eric Zhang


E – Learning at Brebner

Dear Parent / Guardian

Over the months we have been shown the necessity  of adaptability to ever changing circumstances.

Teachers have adapted to new ways of teaching and thus e-learning  is absolutely crucial. At Brebner, various teachers have initiated e-learning programmes via Whatsapp groups, throughout the Lockdown period to ensure academic progress is made in all subjects and all grades.

We call upon the Brebner family’s assistance to ensure that each Brebnerian remains actively involved in these Academic Whatsapp groups , as teachers continue to work under unpredictable circumstances. The SMT  would like emphasize that important information and academic  work will be communicated via the Academic Whatsapp groups due to in-class teaching time not always being guaranteed. It is our  goal to assist learners to find new ways to maintain their academic progress, despite the various obstacles.

We are aware of the various obstacles leading to a learner not actively continuing to to participate in the Academic Whatsapp groups but unprecedented assistance is needed to ensure all Brebnerians’ academics remains TOP Priority. Please communicate with the school if there are special circumstances for a learner getting behind or not actively participating in the e-learning programmes  and we will try to assist.

We sincerely appreciate all the assistance from our parents/guardians thus far in maintaining the success of  our e-learning programmes.

Be blessed and stay safe.

A. W Taylor


Online Tests Gr 8 to 11

Dear Parents/ Guardians & Brebnerian

Brebner has launched online tests for Brebnerians to do at home, as a measure to ensure their academic progress during Covid -19 Lockdown and post-Lockdown.

We have for the last five weeks been tracking participation and results of this online assessment and have deemed it in the best interest of each  learner that we see a certain percentage of this online assessment as formal assessment i.e. a percentage of all this online test results will be used towards the year mark for Gr 8 to 11.Thus the work learners are doing at home is not in vain but is contributing towards their end-of-year results.

Please note we are aware that some learners might encounter technical difficulties with submitting the online test, if so the learner is requested to notify Mrs Lackey immediately so the issue can be resolved. Also if learner has no internet access, please notify Mrs Lackey.

Any queries regarding Academic Whatsapp groups for various subjects or General Whatsapp group per grade please contact Mrs Lackey – Head of Curriculum for 2020 via office.



Dear parent & learner

Each subject scope has been uploaded as an image to access follow these steps:

  2. CLICK on the BLUE LINK  to download the printable PDF FILE


  1. CLICK on TAB for your grade
  3. ENLARGE IMAGE by clicking on the cross at the top right hand corner of the image.
  4. Use SWIPE ARROWS to get to scopes for the other subjects.